Monday, March 12, 2012


Chemical substances influence our body metabolism and also damage taste buds and body’s ability for burning foods as well. Because of that, reducing chemical substances which has got into body will make it working better. We will be healthier and fat will also not to be stocked inside body. The way is by consuming an organic foods and reducing the consumption of foods which has been processed, especially those which contain dangerous substances such as saturated fat and coloring substances as well.
You should consume vegetables, fruits, beans and herbs for a month and don’t consume meat, fish, simple carbohydrate and salt.

It sounds so great, but it seems that most nutrician are still less understood about how chemical substances can influence on gaining weight.  But Dr. Braillie Hamilton, who is a doctor with Ph.D degree on human being metabolism. He did on his own a research about how toxins inside body could lower hormone for controlling weight. And more obviously Detox Diet has a big possibility to be able to help you losing your weight because it makes you reducing calorie intake.
Detox Diet generally is really low in calorie, so you will undergo drastically weight loss in short time. The risk is you will lack of nutrient because amount of calorie reduced is too dramatic. It is a big possibility that the diet is low in calcium because almost 50% of calcium is gained from dairy product which are forbidden in this diet. And that is dangerous for bones’ health.

Drink plenty of fresh water and eating fruits as well as vegetables. If it is possible choose organic vegetables and don’t forget to do exercise regularly on detoxification.
It is not necessary to let you starving, because this diet is not a diet which obliges you to feel hungry. You can also add supplement such as Detoxil, which contains nutrition to help liver eliminating toxins and protect your immunity system. 

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