Monday, March 12, 2012


Zone diet was created by Barry Sears,Ph.D.. He said this diet as a 40-30-30 plan diet. He meant good nutrient composition is derived from 40 % of Carbohydrate, 30% of fat and 30% of protein. By making meals menu for everyone is based on how much activities and percentage of fat. Sears scientifically hands out 40-30-30 plan which is needed by everyone.  He also explained that all foods we eat are in “block”. So you have already counted unique combination of your “block” every time you eat, your food must be suitable with the block. In that way, body will perform its peak performs (The Zone).
Body will get out maximum energy and losing weight. Sears is strictly on applying calorie counting system and nutrient composition as well. So in his opinion if you try to make it simple, you really can be not on the zone. Mostly succeed people on this way perhaps really enjoy the strictness. But if you are not person who loves detail, you can be given up.

Basically diet says a theory that a group of certain foods takes different times to digest. Body will digest foods better if we consume foods which have the same digestion time. For an example, protein takes long time to digest while carbohydrate takes shorter one. Because of that those things cannot be eaten at the same time. On the contrary protein can be consumed together with green vegetables.
Good weight loss is considered to be closed to good digestion. Consuming foods on a wrong way can make them decoy and cannot be digested well, so it causes the happening of fatty stockings. So body will unnaturally gain and defend your ideal weight. By consuming a lot of vegetables and fruits you will be avoided from constipation, your body will be much healthier and stay away from disease.

a. The theory is not easy to follow. You have to change your eating style drastically to do this diet. Though many people are succeed on losing weight through this diet.
b. Besides it is low in calorie, in long period of time the diet can cause lacking of vitamins and minerals needed by body especially vitamin D, B2, calcium and iron.
c. For balancing your dramatically eating style changing you can choose food combination you like. Count this as a way to make yourself happy so you don’t think this diet as an onus.
d. Add supplement as a substitution for vitamin and mineral shortages.

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