Saturday, December 31, 2011


In fact, Diet is not only about restricting eating portion or avoiding some certain food. There are many kinds of diets which apply different ways one another. Although with the same goal which are to get slim body without fat, beautiful and healthy. Which kind of diet is suitable for you? Let’s discuss it one by one.

Sunday, December 25, 2011


Types of adored women or characteristic of women adored by men is not only based on beauty face and sexy body. Because it will run out as time goes on. There are some characteristic attach on women adored by men which showing her femininity.
·         Beauty
Beauty is one of wonders which not only outer or physical beauty. But also inner beauty in meaning of heart, sense and mind. It is not wrong if something beautiful attracts so much everyone’s attention especially women who always want to perform beautiful and men who mostly sometimes consider and choose on searching for their couple perfectly (beautiful, kindhearted, good religion, rich). Though God has created men and women into the most perfect forms that we should be thankful to God and keep what has been given to us. On treating or keeping them we are certainly not allowed to be over.
·         Independent
Men prefer to independent women, can work and fulfill their life’s needs. Not only fulfilling their physically needs but also religion becomes thing to consider.
·         Smart
A smart woman certainly has a broaden insight and thinking. A smart woman has lots of ways to make her man not to be bored beside her.  She will always give little surprise he never guesses. We definitely will be glad to have couple who can response well to the topic discussed.
·         One heart about sex
Discrepancy about sex can be a problem that handicaps in your relationship. A good wife at least understands well about her husband sexual appetite. To understand each other,
to communicate openly and able to look for the right time and comfortable places.
·         Respecting couple
Good wife or good couple will never underestimate or disgrace you in front of your friend or your family and always talking about private problem only for both of you. Men are glad to have wife or girlfriend respecting and appreciating him as a man. The point is you are a woman who is always listening to him though he is not always agreed with your idea and your thinking. And certainly he will never be tired beside you when both of you need each other.
·         Appreciate husband’s personality or couple’s personality
Unconsciously sometimes men’s characteristic changed as wife or girlfriend’s wishes. Characteristics or men’s habits are getting less or lost at all because of the wife or girlfriend’s orders. Such wife or girlfriend is usually avoided by men. Though he has true love to his girlfriend, a man always feels need time for being together with his fellows.
·         Can control emotion
Basically women tend to be grumbler. Good wife or good girlfriend knows well about the right time to hold an anger and right times to get it out. Some of men’s attitudes often make women to be annoyed, and this often causes quarrelling. On little mistakes try to discuss it in a good manner, it is no need high tension. Men are easily listening to women on tender tones.   
·         Familiar to his friends and family
Good wife or good couple will appreciate people who are considered as important persons by her husband or her boyfriend.  Good wife or good girlfriend will not only help your mother in the kitchen, listening story from your father. She does that is not only to make her boyfriend glad, but she really enjoys and doing that with all of her heart.
·         Love with all of her heart
If you don’t feel trembling of love, it shouldn’t be forced. If you find a woman loves you much, loves the way you are and without faking, you shouldn’t neglect her. Other way to know if she really loves you is try to pay attention how she looks at you and treats you. If she loves you, a small thing can be very important to her.
·         Make you a better man
Basically a man who has a good wife or couple will say that her couple does make him to be better man. It doesn’t need words or acts to make man to feel this. It happens naturally.
·         High value woman / Don’t make yourself cheap
There is an understanding mostly spoken in society about this idea. To perform sexy and wearing short skirt in dinner is not wrong. But Perfect woman and not cheap impressive woman
will package her sexiness perfectly and show full of trending impressive. And usually perfect woman will not only tempt her man by her body but her eyes as well.
·         Cool figure
Women adored by men willing to accompany his man wherever he goes even to soccer field to watch his favorite club match  or following his hobby and keeping him up. A perfect woman knows how to handle those things.
·         Smart and funny
Men also need their women to perform well with their jokes. So they don’t look monotonous and melting the situation. Not only that, men also love smart women who know about a variety of things because of their referent by watching or reading news.
·         Clever women on sharing times
Men also feel necessary to be needed in women’s life. Though they are busy by their carrier, they are remembering their couple’s entity by sharing times and giving attention to their couple.
·         Adult and mature
Down earthed women’s figures are adored by men, where they can interact with them in adult conversation about many things. These kinds of figure women are really adored by men.
·         To love him
By having a variety of tiring activities, there is a time they need support from their couple. Women adored by men can realize their love by giving attention either physically supports or biology’s men need. Usually perfect woman knows well how to love her couple or her husband.
·         Loving women
These types of women are really wanted by men. Basically men are needed to love. Everyone must be willing to be love by their own couple. So love your man so that you get more love from your couple.
·         Confidence
A woman who believes in herself and doesn’t need attention as well as praise continuously, can make your man comfortable and keeps you up.
·         Simple and be the way she is
This type becomes more criteria for every man on searching a woman, simple and be the way she is. Not too much demanding, not need more cosmetics, performs more naturally, natural. Make up is only a mask. To perform just the way we are, is a sign that we are thankful to God blessings.
·         Familiar
Smile has special meaning for men, Smile which is designed by intelligence and hones will become a hospitality liked by men. Men are closed to familiar women as if they were on their
mother’s huge.
·         Fair
These types of women know how to communicate. It is not necessary to make men guess about their heart and those men can easily adapt with her.
·         Always think positively
A woman who can make a cheerful situation when meeting her man will make their dating to be more colorful and impressive. This type of woman though she is not beautiful will be regarded as value thing and nothing to compare with. Every man who is going to be her man will be proud and loved.

Thursday, December 22, 2011


Every woman must be dreaming of kind, faithful and honest man, but are these enough to make woman wonders and falling in love for good?

Here are characteristic of men adored by women this time:
·         Optimistic
Generally everybody will like more to optimistic person than the pessimistic one. This value is also adopted on searching for spouse. No wonders if optimistic men who have their own plan for future and do not like to say negative words will have special value on women eyes.
·         Decent
Women are well known creatures with their gentleness. Though there are women look so masculine outer, but the fact women are glad to treat decently. Women will put more sympathy to the men who say greeting just like” Good Night” or “I am leaving”. Men who end a conversation without farewell words tend to be not too impressive in her heart.
·         Acting more than Talking
Long ago, if women loved to hear flattery words, now those fists will never be accepted if men don’t keep his promise. Acting will say more obviously than only saying words. For instance, if your girl is obviously cold, you’re better to be right away taking your jacket and lend it for her, than only asking ”Are you cold?”. Trust, it will be more working for conquering women’s heart.
·         Love family and kids
Men who love kids and not regard them as a disturber is a sign he is ready to hold a family and women will be safer next to him, even if he is closed to her family. This is also a sign that he is a patient, familiar man and don’t like to be angry.
·         Having finance free from debt.
Dinner offering, amazing presents are really attractive to women, but if it is gained from having debt, on the contrary it is going to be a problem for the guy itself. How come a man can be a good chief of household if he is still having debt?
·         Take care of himself
Women love men with good smelling body odor. They even pay attention if their nails are black because of dirt and never been cleaned, their hair are well arranged or untidy. He does keep on his health or eating carelessly that he is getting obese. Well treating performance added with warm smile will make those guys to bring a title as charming guys.
·         Working hard
Not every man is born in the middle of rich family, but man who is willing to make effort and works hard will make the woman enchanted. A man has to be able to make money to grant of his own life and his spouse as well later, not only counting on his parents’ wealth which will never run out till the seventh heritage of their grandchildren.
·         Having broaden knowledge
Sometimes woman loves to ask about how something happened. A man who has smart aura and broaden knowledge absolutely will be spread out from how he talks and how he acts. Definitely it must be balanced with a respecting, because woman doesn’t like a man who pretends to know about everything.
·         Good listener
A woman loves to tell something. If a man shows a busy attitude either by his mobile phone or being busy in front of computer while listening to her, it will her to feel annoyed and feels doesn’t get any attention. Women love to get all out attention from men they love.
·         Honest / Telling The truth
The first way to be adored men looks unimportant, but it is often not to be done by men generally. Remember that women’s feeling own higher sensitive power than men’s. So keep trying to be open and talk the truth.
·         Confidence
Second characteristic of adored men is by being confident, you will be easy to have yourself together to your woman.
·         Stay cool
The third criteria to be adored men are usually done by honest and taciturn men, try to stay cool and calm when you are together with a woman. Because woman loves man who can keep his power than a man who gives a flattering words.
·         Sell yourself expensive
The fourth criteria of adored men is that don’t too often give statement or flattering poem 
to women, you will be regarded as a playboy, experience on flattering women. So keep your attitude to stay natural.
·         Humorous
This kind characteristic of adored men which is most liked by mostly women. By being humorous situation becomes not boring and your woman can feel entertained and comfortable to be with you, from this she will be longing for you if she is away from you.
·         Smart to steal women’s heart and feeling
The last tip for being adored men is you must be clever to steal a woman’s heart. For example, you sing a love song while playing piano or guitar on her special day.

Saturday, December 17, 2011


Fresh water is really useful for health. Water intake recommended is minimally 8 glasses or 2 liters every day. If the water intake is enough, it will make the distribution of nutrition to the whole body to be fluent so that all body’s cell can repair themselves to do regeneration with those nutrition. Drinking fresh water as recommended also will lighten the work of kidney and liver so it can help us to avoid of liver and kidney disease.

By drinking fresh water we can make sure of getting rid the rest of digestion. If it is not soon to get out, it will cause disease. By having it gotten out it will help us to be avoided from diseases such as mag and constipation.
If body is laacking of fresh water, the effect will be seen on our skin. Skin will be dried, dull, and wrinkle. Water help keeping skin cells to stay elastic. So you look to stay young and beauty naturally. For people who are on diet, drinking fresh water is something they don’t have to forget. By drinking a glass of warm water before eating, it will help us to feel fuller, so it will reduce our appetite and reducing our meals portion. Drinking fresh water will not get you obese, because water doesn’t contain calorie, sugar, fat. Beside that water helps to analyze fat which is saved inside body.

Apart of benefits drinking fresh water above, fresh water also can help raising fertility, either for women or men. Fresh water is useful on stimulating the production of testosterone hormone for men and estrogen hormone for women.

Fresh water in hot condition is effective for healing paralyze because of stroke attack. Because fresh water can help for strengthening back of muscles and ligaments, and to fluent blood circulation system and breathing system as well. Hot effect causes blood vessels to get wider, to raise blood circulation and tissues oxygenation. So it prevents us from having cramp, to eliminate painful and to calm down our mind.

After knowing the benefits of fresh water for body health, wishes that we start a healthy life by often consuming fresh water.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


1.      Drink boiled water of piper betle’s leaves, one glass every day or every two days.
2.      Eat Ocimum basilicum leaves, at least a handful every day.
3.      Smear a piece of cucumber after bathing on armpit area and other smelling area.
4.      Don’t eat fatty foods.
5.      Reduce spicy foods.
6.      Don’t drink coffee (which contains caffeine).
7.      Using deodorant of which form is spray (solid and roll on forms only make your armpit stay wet and leave a trace on your clothes).

 First way up to the third are for making our body odor more fragrant, while the fourth up to the fourth up to the sixth ones are effort to reduce sweaty. (However body odor appears through sweaty that we produce) and way of the seventh is usual way to keep your armpit stay fragrant.


1.      Thirty grams of old curcumas, slices it add with 5 pieces of piper betle’s leaves and Javanese tamarind acid and enough palm sugar. Boil with 600 cc water until it is left only 300 cc. Filter it, then drink the water 2 times a day, do it regularly.
2.      Get enough young shrub leaves and ocimum basilicum leaves, consume it every day as a side dish. Do it regularly.
3.      Put in water altogether of these things until it boils (lemon leaves, rose, jasmine, canangium odoratum) after you have them washed. Add water and use it for under water bathing.

Saturday, December 10, 2011


Every human being needs time to sleep about a third of its lifetime or it is about 6-8 hours a day. Naturally and automatically if our body is tired we will feel sleepy so it compels our body to get rest physically or mentally.

According to a research, people with 6,5 up to 7,5 hours a day will have longer life than those who take time less than 6,5 hour or more than 8 hours a day.

Insomnia can be meant as a condition where a person having difficult to sleep or cannot sleep soundly. Averagely everyone has undergone insomnia once in their life. Even there is an extreme condition that said 30 -50 % of populations underwent insomnia.

Insomnia can attack all group of age. However, number of insomnia happening will rise as age’s increasing up. This thing perhaps caused by stress which often settles on older people. Besides that, women is said to be often to undergo insomnia comparing to men.

·         Avoid overeating and overdrinking by bedtime. Overeating will cause stomach getting uncomfortable, while overdrinking will get you to urinate more often. it is sure those both conditions will disturb your soundly sleep.
·         Sleeps in comfortable environment. On bedtime, turn off the lamp, turn off things which cause noisy, makes sure that you feel comfortable to room’s temperature. Put away table clock from your sight because it can make you worry when you cannot sleep in the late night.
·         Use special bed for you to sleep. It will help your body to adapt with sleeping room’s environment. When you lay on bed, there will be stimulation to sleep.
·         Get sleep and get up on regular period of time every day. Confusion sleeping time will confuse your next sleeping time.
·         Eat snack contains little carbohydrate by bedtime, if it is available, add with a glass of warm milk.
·         Reduce consuming drinks which is stimulant such as tea, coffee, alcohol and cigarette. These drinks will keep you waking up, definitely you don’t need if you want to sleep.
·         Bathing with warm water for about 30 minutes or one hour before sleeping. Taking a bath with warm water will give you sedation effect or stimulating to sleep. Besides that, having a bath with warm water can reduce body’s strain.
·         Doing exercise regularly can help people who have sleeping problem. Exercise is better to do in the morning and not several minutes before sleeping. By having exercise, your health will be optimally so that body will fight stress which appears much better.
·         Do relaxation activity routine. Listening to music, to train breathing, meditation, and etcetera will help to slow process that happen inside body so that your body will be more relax. This condition will ease you to get sleep.
·         Stop watching TV or reading a book, at least one hour before sleep.

Those are several tips to overcome your sleeping problem. Always remember that sleeping is basic need of body for growth and repair abnormal organ‘s function. By having enough sleeping time, we will feel so fit when you wake up and be ready to do a variety of activities the whole day from morning until evening.
Normally, human being sleep from night up to morning, but it isn’t scarcely that there is people that can sleep from daylight up to night because of job’s summons or because they are used to it.
Insomnia is not genetic disease so it is absolutely easy to heal.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


1.      Do a lot of exercise in the morning. Jogging, Gymnastic, Volley Ball, especially basket ball and swimming.
2.      Get enough rest about 7-8 hours a day regularly and get up early.
3.      Get enough nutrients by consuming nutrition and vitamin.
4.      Having meals regularly and avoid stress.
5.      If it is necessary, drink some natural remedy for getting taller.
6.      To get to pray.

Sunday, December 4, 2011


To have an ideal height of body is a dream for everyone. Velocity of body height growth is different for every people depend on our own efforts. Before I say tips about quick way to make body taller, it is necessary to know about several things below.
Factors to influence body height:
1.      Enough Nutrient
Make sure that we get enough protein, fat, vitamin (such as Vitamin D and A) and mineral (such as Iron, calcium, Zinc, and Iodine). Because it really influences on making body taller.
2.      Genetic factor also decides someone’s height. Parents who have an ideal height open a potency to have children with ideal height as well.
3.      Human growth hormone functions to stimulate bone’s growth. Thyroid hormone is needed to fluent body metabolism process. Sex hormone which is derived from estrogen, progesterone and androgen hormone is for maturing sexual process.
4.      Environment support
Lack of immunization, enough affection, and economic needs can influence appetite, health need. So the process for getting taller is handicapped.

Activities to maximize height
1.      Stretching
Movement for stretching body, so spine bone is pulled to elongate. If this movement is done routine and intensively so it can help stimulating backbone’s length growth.
2.      Hanging
Hang both your hands. This movement really stimulates spine bone’s length growth.
3.      Kicking
Kick your leg for many times. This movement stimulates the growth of leg’s bone optimally.
4.      Biking
Biking can stimulate the growth of leg’s length. Lay your feet on paddle plainly not tiptoeing. Back stands upright, not bowing. To have biking in a long distance every day, can help stimulating leg’s length growth.
5.      Swimming
When doing swimming, all part of body being stretched from body to tiptoes. Besides that, swimming movement almost involves all body muscles.
6.      Basketball or Volleyball is really good to stimulate body growth. Because body is often doing up jumping. Up jumping reverses to gravitation, giving effect stretching to the whole body.

Friday, December 2, 2011


Those are some quick ways on losing weight naturally. There are still added tips you have to pay attention.
1.      If you eat foods contain carbohydrate (rice) don’t mix it to those which contain protein (meat/fish) But eat them altogether with vegetable.
2.      Make maximum size of rice to be 6 tablespoons, and a piece for meat/fish once.
3.      Don’t eat over 7 PM.
4.      Don’t eat canned food, eat more vegetable and fruit.
5.      Drink a glass of water added by lemon extract from one piece of it, every time you wake up in the morning.
6.      Only eat fruits/ Oatmeal for breakfast, but if you can’t stand with it, you can snack fruit on 10 AM.