Sunday, December 4, 2011


To have an ideal height of body is a dream for everyone. Velocity of body height growth is different for every people depend on our own efforts. Before I say tips about quick way to make body taller, it is necessary to know about several things below.
Factors to influence body height:
1.      Enough Nutrient
Make sure that we get enough protein, fat, vitamin (such as Vitamin D and A) and mineral (such as Iron, calcium, Zinc, and Iodine). Because it really influences on making body taller.
2.      Genetic factor also decides someone’s height. Parents who have an ideal height open a potency to have children with ideal height as well.
3.      Human growth hormone functions to stimulate bone’s growth. Thyroid hormone is needed to fluent body metabolism process. Sex hormone which is derived from estrogen, progesterone and androgen hormone is for maturing sexual process.
4.      Environment support
Lack of immunization, enough affection, and economic needs can influence appetite, health need. So the process for getting taller is handicapped.

Activities to maximize height
1.      Stretching
Movement for stretching body, so spine bone is pulled to elongate. If this movement is done routine and intensively so it can help stimulating backbone’s length growth.
2.      Hanging
Hang both your hands. This movement really stimulates spine bone’s length growth.
3.      Kicking
Kick your leg for many times. This movement stimulates the growth of leg’s bone optimally.
4.      Biking
Biking can stimulate the growth of leg’s length. Lay your feet on paddle plainly not tiptoeing. Back stands upright, not bowing. To have biking in a long distance every day, can help stimulating leg’s length growth.
5.      Swimming
When doing swimming, all part of body being stretched from body to tiptoes. Besides that, swimming movement almost involves all body muscles.
6.      Basketball or Volleyball is really good to stimulate body growth. Because body is often doing up jumping. Up jumping reverses to gravitation, giving effect stretching to the whole body.

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