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This program is inspired by the life style of people in Okinawa archipelago, a residence for long life and healthy people, away from heart disease and chronic disease.
Okinawa program is made based on research about the life style of the okinawans for 25 years by group of three are Badley J. Willcox, MD, MSe from Division on Aging Harvard Medical School, his twins D. Craig Willcox Ph.D, a Gerontolos and Antropologist of Okinawa Cenetarian Study and Makato Suzuki MD.,PhD.,Geriatris Cardiologist from Okinawa International University. Inside the program included diet, exercise, how to overcome stress and the success of Okinawans for combining Eastern and Western way on maintaining their health.

Okinawa eating style principle is called Nuchi Cusui aiming to 3 balancing things: High Carbohydrate, Low Calorie and Source is from floras. At a glance this eating style looks like foods pyramids according to our life style recommendation. But Nuchi Cusui divides obviously between foods to eat every day to those to eat every week. So this is going to be easy for you to know whether you often consume certain food or not.

Foods which belong to daily group are rice, bread, noodle, vegetable, fruits, foods contain flavonoid and calcium, omega 3, vegetable oil, spices. While the foods which cannot be eaten weekly  are meat, fowl, egg and sweet foods. Basically Okinawans eating style allows you to consume all kinds of foods, as long as it is not over at all and the amount must be balance.


SBD-called because it is Agatson the impetus from Miami Florida, an area synonymous with beautiful beaches, fashion, good food and beautiful women like in the series Baywatch. Initially, Agatston make this diet for the benefit heart disease patients. But it was also given diet lost weight the patient up to 6 pounds in 2 weeks. As a result, people flocked to join practice.

Agatston initial reason for making this diet because he saw the traditional way to lose weight, either by reducing fatty foods or foods high in carbohydrates is often not successful. He then created his own diet, which emphasizes the reduction of carbohydrate consumption. Because according to Agatston, generally being overweight is caused by consumption of excessive carbohydrates, which will increase blood sugar levels. Style diet touted copying Atkins Diet because they both suggest limiting your intake of carbohydrates and protein and fat consumption.

Although not mind being compared to Atkins, but in fact there are fundamental differences between the two. Agatston recommends his followers to stay away from saturated fats and advised to consume monounsaturated fats like olive oil and omega 3 fatty acids found in fish. This is not done by Atkins.

According to Agatston, this stage is intended to eliminate the habits you eat carbohydrates or sugary foods in excess. In this way, he says, your desire to taste sweet foods will disappear completely gradual. Your weight will be going down quite a lot, about 4.6 kg and most of the lost weight comes from fat that has accumulated in the abdomen.

Despite the impression of weight, in fact at this stage you need not fear going hungry. You can still eat three meals enough. In fact you can still eat a snack in the morning and evening, as long as the food consumed is not excessive or against the rule base. There is also no prohibition to drink coffee and tea. You still can still eat dessert after dinner.

At the second stage, you can more freely consume a variety of foods. Tapai all still in reasonable portions. If you like your rice, you can come back to eat it. So is the fruit premises. You can even eat chocolate, though of course you have to choose the type of chocolate is not too fattening, such as dark chocolate, without the addition of nuts and caramel.

At this stage, your weight will continue to decline, which is about 0.5 to 1 kg a week. Long this phase depends on the amount of weight loss that you want. Once achieved, you can directly go to stage 3, which is the last stage and the most liberal in this diet, Stage 3 is only meant to keep the weight you are always in the ideal position, because you will continue to be followed for a lifetime. Although probably could have been there when you're a little complacent or bored having lived many years, you can still go back to repeat step 1 during the two weeks. Then, you can continue to stage 3.


Diet as blood types or which is called “Eat Right For Your Type Diet” by the writer, Dr. Peter J.D. Adamo believes that everyone must consume foods based on his / her blood type. Because according to him each blood type (O,A,B,AB) has its own specialty. Starting from what kinds of food which are easily absorbed by body, the right exercise, what disease is easy to perch and also how body gives response to stress will be decided by your own blood type. Body absorbs and gives reaction to food we eat on different way according to the type of blood.
This reaction is influenced by lectin, a kind of protein in blood. Diet as blood type based on food which is divided as group of useful foods, neutral and to be avoided. The useful group is analogized as vitamin, on the contrary group to be avoided as toxins. And neutral group is approximately having a role as common foods that provide calorie and nutrient for body. If it isn’t  consumed in over amount.

·         Too many detail information have to be remembered.
·         Several kinds of foods are forbidden, so it is going to be difficult for you to balance your diet.
·         There is only a little evident to support the writer’s theory about diet and weight loss. Dr. Geoff Daniels, a haematologist from International Blood Group Reference
Laboratory said that he didn’t see credible research for the diet. One of them is about lectin which is said to give different reaction to each blood type. But he puts aside the fact that almost all lectins have been crumbled or absorbed in digestion system far before it contacts with blood.


Blood type A is more suitable with vegetarian and natural dishes.
a). Sea food dishes such as Squid, catfish, white snapper, cork fish, anchovy, and scallop (a kind of sea shell)  
b). Canned food such as sausages, corned beef, dried meat, baked meat and ham.
c). Milk and Cheese
d).Cow meat

a). Fish
b). Javanese Chicken
c). Fatty Intake
d). Foods made of wheat such as bread, pancake, and cakes
e). Instant noodle
f). If you are sensitive, be careful with cabbage, mango, papaya, imported oranges and banana
g). Ground nut oils
h). Long nourishing bean and tolo bean
i). Whole wheat flour
j). Potatoes

a). Cream without fat and natural cheese
b). Beans and grains
c). Soy bean milk, yoghurt and kefir
d). Red rice, barley, havermut (oat)
e). Rice flour and hunkue flour
f). Fresh vegetables
g). Fresh fruits
h). non grain starch and food rich with fiber


 Blood type B is able to consume foods contain proteins either animalism or vegetable one.
a). Blue cheese and ice cream
b). Chicken
c). Crabs, lobsters, prawn, sea shell, scallop, mussel, oyster, frog and eel.
d). Quail egg and duck egg
e). Sesame seed oil, corn oil, Sun flower seed oil, Ground nut oil and soy bean oil.
f). long nourishing bean, Tolo bean, Cashews, Pistaschio, garzanbo.
g). Wheat and foods made of wheat
h). Radish, tomato, corn.
i). Instant noodle
j). Glutinous rice


a)      Coconut and coconut oil
b)      Soy bean and all products made of it, ground nut, sun flower seeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds.
c)      Kesemek, pomegranate, star fruit and pear.

a)      Cow meat, sheep, rabbit, and goat
b)      Deep sea fish, salmon fish and all sea fishes as well as other sea product.
c)      Milk and all product using milk
d)      Organic chicken egg and Javanese chicken egg
e)      Olive oil
f)       Red rice, white rice with broken skin, pounded rice, havermuts (oat),bran, foods made of rice or rice wheat
g)      Green vegetables
h)      Pineapple and other kinds of foods


Blood type O person is a group of hunters man used to consume a lot meat.

a)      Meat product such as Corned beef, baked meat and dried meat.
b)      Fish products such as canned fish
c)      Squid, catfish, cork fish and frog
d)      Cabbage, broccoli, mustard and bokcoy
e)      Sprout, eggplant, mushroom and potatoes
f)       Milk and egg
g)      Wheat, whole wheat and all kinds of its product
h)      Oranges

a)      Beans and grains
b)      Peas
c)      Soy bean and all of its product
d)      Green peas and long nourishing bean

a)      All kinds of meat and fish
b)      Vegetables
c)      Fresh fruits
d)      Vegetable oil, Olive oil, Canola Oil and salad oil


Blood type AB is combination between blood type A and Type B one.

a)      Chicken and other fowl meat such as duck and quail
b)      Milk and all milk product such as skim, sweet full cream milk and cheese
c)      Beans and grains
d)      Sesame seeds and sesame seeds oil
e)      Peas
f)       Corn, sprout, mushroom and radish
g)      Orange and banana
h)      Duck egg
i)        Meat product such as baked meat, sausages and corned beef

a)      Crab, lobster, prawn, Squid, yellow tail fish, eel, anchovy and frog
b)      Cow meat
c)      Corn oil, sesame seed oil and sun flower seed oil
d)      Beans and Grains
e)      Peas
f)       Wheat and wheat product such as cake, bread, pancake and pasta

a)      Sea foods dishes
b)      Fermented milk such as yoghurt and kefir
c)      Olive oil, Canola Oil, Ground nut oil and soy food oil
d)      Ground nut
e)      Lentils and long nourishing bean
f)       Soy bean and its product such as tofu, a cake of fermented soy bean and soy bean milk
g)      Foods from rice, rice wheat and havermut
h)      Fruits
i)        Vegetable


Zone diet was created by Barry Sears,Ph.D.. He said this diet as a 40-30-30 plan diet. He meant good nutrient composition is derived from 40 % of Carbohydrate, 30% of fat and 30% of protein. By making meals menu for everyone is based on how much activities and percentage of fat. Sears scientifically hands out 40-30-30 plan which is needed by everyone.  He also explained that all foods we eat are in “block”. So you have already counted unique combination of your “block” every time you eat, your food must be suitable with the block. In that way, body will perform its peak performs (The Zone).
Body will get out maximum energy and losing weight. Sears is strictly on applying calorie counting system and nutrient composition as well. So in his opinion if you try to make it simple, you really can be not on the zone. Mostly succeed people on this way perhaps really enjoy the strictness. But if you are not person who loves detail, you can be given up.

Basically diet says a theory that a group of certain foods takes different times to digest. Body will digest foods better if we consume foods which have the same digestion time. For an example, protein takes long time to digest while carbohydrate takes shorter one. Because of that those things cannot be eaten at the same time. On the contrary protein can be consumed together with green vegetables.
Good weight loss is considered to be closed to good digestion. Consuming foods on a wrong way can make them decoy and cannot be digested well, so it causes the happening of fatty stockings. So body will unnaturally gain and defend your ideal weight. By consuming a lot of vegetables and fruits you will be avoided from constipation, your body will be much healthier and stay away from disease.

a. The theory is not easy to follow. You have to change your eating style drastically to do this diet. Though many people are succeed on losing weight through this diet.
b. Besides it is low in calorie, in long period of time the diet can cause lacking of vitamins and minerals needed by body especially vitamin D, B2, calcium and iron.
c. For balancing your dramatically eating style changing you can choose food combination you like. Count this as a way to make yourself happy so you don’t think this diet as an onus.
d. Add supplement as a substitution for vitamin and mineral shortages.


Chemical substances influence our body metabolism and also damage taste buds and body’s ability for burning foods as well. Because of that, reducing chemical substances which has got into body will make it working better. We will be healthier and fat will also not to be stocked inside body. The way is by consuming an organic foods and reducing the consumption of foods which has been processed, especially those which contain dangerous substances such as saturated fat and coloring substances as well.
You should consume vegetables, fruits, beans and herbs for a month and don’t consume meat, fish, simple carbohydrate and salt.

It sounds so great, but it seems that most nutrician are still less understood about how chemical substances can influence on gaining weight.  But Dr. Braillie Hamilton, who is a doctor with Ph.D degree on human being metabolism. He did on his own a research about how toxins inside body could lower hormone for controlling weight. And more obviously Detox Diet has a big possibility to be able to help you losing your weight because it makes you reducing calorie intake.
Detox Diet generally is really low in calorie, so you will undergo drastically weight loss in short time. The risk is you will lack of nutrient because amount of calorie reduced is too dramatic. It is a big possibility that the diet is low in calcium because almost 50% of calcium is gained from dairy product which are forbidden in this diet. And that is dangerous for bones’ health.

Drink plenty of fresh water and eating fruits as well as vegetables. If it is possible choose organic vegetables and don’t forget to do exercise regularly on detoxification.
It is not necessary to let you starving, because this diet is not a diet which obliges you to feel hungry. You can also add supplement such as Detoxil, which contains nutrition to help liver eliminating toxins and protect your immunity system. 


It can be said that atkins diet is a low carbohydrate high protein diet. The diet is initially launched by Dr. Roberts C. Atkins who is a cardiologist as well. The theory says that by raising food consumption that contains protein and to eat carbohydrate at all at the first two weeks, body will build ketosis, a condition where body uses fat as fuel.
After two weeks or which is called second phase, you can consume carbohydrate, though it is only in very little portion.  This way will make body defends insulin levels  to stay low and stop body burning food to fat.
 The theory is that eating too much carbohydrate will raise blood sugar level. In its turn this process will produce insulin which is quickly get into blood stream and alter excess blood sugar to fat which is called trigliserid and later it will be stored as body fat. After that there are two more phases have to run in this diet, pre maintenance and maintenance. In these phases you only remain to keep on your diet as well as starting to see the result.
Atkins diet will encourage your body metabolism and soon after your metabolism changed your body will adjust automatically to new fat burning way. Besides that, by controlling insulin level to stay low those who suffers heart diseases, hypertension and diabetes will show adequate significant clinically progress.

This diet absolutely succeeds in a short period of time (3-6 months) far better than other diets. But for long period of time a study which is published in The New England Journal of medicine shows that a year later the dieters doesn’t undergo different weight loss than those who do conventional low fat diet.
Though people in this diet eat more meat, but there is a big possibility they reduce amount of calorie by eating another less carbohydrate or low calorie’s foods. As the truth this habit makes you be more selective on choosing food and it effects on decreasing of total calorie intake.

The main fear is high protein foods often have high saturated fat. Eating high protein foods can also decrease calcium level which causes the happening of osteoporosis and so do for people who have health problems just like liver and kidney diseases sufferer can get unusual stress as an effect when body tries to eliminate ketone. Other experts observe that this diet can cause constipation, colon, kidney problems or raising cholesterol level problems. You can also have unusual breath odor because of the raising of ketone.
A Nutrician Wendy Martinson warns you not to do Atkins Diet if you are often having exercise (4-5 times a week). Because to do exercises you need fuel. Body can get it by burning body fat,  
but it is not the same fast as your body wants to exercise. As a result you will lack of energy.

Don’t make this diet as a reason so that you can eat steak, cheese, or other high protein (fat as well) foods as you want. Make variety sources of protein and eat more fish and low carbohydrate fruits as well as vegetables which are allowed such as Sprouts, mushroom, celery, pepper, turnip, asparagus, cabbage, spinach and eggplant. You can use this diet as the first step to your weight loss program but don’t use it in more than 14 days.