Tuesday, November 29, 2011


There are lots of people having problem with obesity. Like or dislike overweight person will always be unpleasant to look at. This problem makes a lot of people having desire to lose weight.
Who is unhappy and not to be proud to have healthy and slim body? Though for some people physic is not everything. Today there are many ways to lose weight quickly.
There are people using natural ingredients, using drugs and doing diet to lose weight too hardly and even causes disease to the user itself.
Following are quick way on losing weight naturally
1.      Drink fresh water
Simple way is by drinking minimally 2 liters of fresh water per day. Because fresh water can help metabolism process by changing foods into energy needed. In this case fresh water also has role as a fuel to support reaction of body metabolism. So if you don’t drink fresh water you cannot burn calorie.
2.      Exercise
Exercise has absolutely been a general secret as the most trustable way to lose weight. Do exercise gradually to keep body stays healthy.
3.      Foods
From many research about foods that can help losing weight, experts have said that there are many foods proved as useful food for losing weight. Those foods are wine, can fish, pumpkin, consuming cow meat and drinking green tea.
4.      Do not consume alcohol
One way to reduce consuming unwanted calorie is to reduce drinking alcohol. A part of people desires to drink alcohol because of perception resulted by alcohol on form of feeling and relaxation effect. But unknown thing is drinking alcohol can be caused by hunger and thirsty. To defend from thirsty and from going to a bar and restaurant when feeling hungry can pressure amount of alcohol you consume.
5.      Get used to have breakfast
Breakfast is sure often not trusted as away to lose weight, but in fact breakfast also useful to lose weight. if you have breakfast in the morning you can reduce consuming your lunch. It is enough for having banana, yogurt, cereal, bread and etcetera because snacks contain a lot of fiber and protein will give you to feel fuller until time for lunch.
·         If you like to drink tea, it is better to drink green tea every day where it can help burning about more than 70 calorie in a day.
·         If you like to drink milk, you shouldn’t choose full cream. Please consume low fat milk one.

6.      Eating slowly
Put fork and spoon when you are chewing. Drink mineral water every time you finish chewing and chew food for many times before swallowing.
7.      Use small plates
A habit in our country is to eat out all food served on the plate. No matter how much amount of calorie it contains and how big size of the plate is. To trick it, use smaller size of plate. You will feel fuller by eating less.
8.      Limit carbohydrate
Food with high protein such as fish is the best option for dinner to control weight. This because protein makes you be fuller longer. If you want to consume carbohydrate, avoid the simple one because it tends more to be saved as fat than to be used as energy.

Friday, November 25, 2011


Way to slim down stomach
1.      don’t get used to lay after eating
2.      try to do sit up for about 5 minutes every day before you sleep
3.      Drink plenty of water
4.      Breath training before and after sleeping for about 5 minutes every day
5.      Hanging up training

Way to slim down Arms
1.      be often doing barbell using exercise
2.      Avoid fatty foods
3.      push up training for about 5 minutes every day before sleeping

Monday, November 21, 2011


How to slim down big stomach? Are there tips to slim down stomach naturally? To have big stomach is definitely not something to proud. Beside it looks not good, this condition can damage performance.  Over piling of fat in part of stomach in fact can barrier for liver functions as toxins filterer in blood.

With this condition can make body circulation system doesn’t run normally and can be triger of appearing of a variety of health problems, such as high cholesterol level and high blood pressure.

Most part of stomach is swollen or big caused by basic factors such as diet and life style. Here are ways to eliminate big stomach on men as well as women. Check it out, please.

The best exercise to slim down stomach and thighs is stepping. Raise up both leg ( don’t walk on tiptoes) over staircase or wooden seat  about 20-30 cm in height, then put down both of your leg as far as 20-30 cm (don’t walk in tiptoes) from edge of the staircase. Do it as many as 50 times or 5 minutes then take a rest and do it again.

Added gymnastic are sit up and do stretching after and before doing exercise. Sit up is for tightening stomach not for making it small. So it could be stomach remains big but it is tight to hold. Following are ways to slim down big stomach.

1.      Drink of fresh water
If stomach is full because of water storage, in fact you can reduce the problem by drinking more water. It will melt sodium concentration inside body to increase water level to get out of system. Drink more water also guarantee the function of gall is effective to get out litter product.  Don’t change water consumption on diet because There are many of difficult things to digest and can cause stomach swollen.
2.      Eat slowly
Avoid eating quickly, because when you swallow too fast, at least air will be held inside intestine and forming gas that trigger stomach swollen. Always on sit position when you are eating and chew foods slowly. Foods which are not chewed into small pieces cannot be digested perfectly which later will produce a lot of gas to cause swelling.
3.      Reduce consuming salt
Too much salt on your diet adding extra sodium against body liquid which slower mechanism so it pushes water out of cells. The effect is stomach feels full and swells.
4.      Consume right fiber
Fiber is important element on diet to balance water storage that causes swelling. Eat fiber inside fruits such as apple and pear which have a lot of water intake.
5.      Supervise medication
Swollen stomach is side effect of drug consumption. Aspirin sometimes causes stomach problem that triggers constipation and swelling, included contraception pills.
6.      Avoid constipation
Constipation is meant to have less than 3 times BAB in a week or if it involved strain. As the effect, stomach felt getting bigger. To stimulate stomach content, raise fiber consumption from fruit and vegetable. Do it gradually to avoid fermentation and over producing gas.
7.      Exercise
Exercise will help to move liquid in stomach which is able to cause big stomach by pushing it out of body web and get into bloodstream where it will be gotten out as sweaty or taken to gall to get out as urine. Exercise recommended is an aerobic.

Friday, November 18, 2011


Way to slim down stomach as well as thighs and arms quickly, easy and effective need to be aware, because it is afraid of, that it can disturb body health. Way to slim down stomach must be done carefully. If you are wrong on choosing way it is going to be dangerous for your body health.  For example, way to slim down big stomach using diet, if we do not know how to do good diet, you are going to get sick.  Try to learn some safe tips and natural how to slim down stomach, thighs, and arms.

The cause of big stomach, before get into naturally tips to slim down stomach, it is better to know first about things to cause big stomach. The goal is when you have succeeded to slim down stomach, thighs and arms, you can avoid things which can make getting big again. Following are some things can make big stomach

If parents have big stomach the children will be potentially to have big stomach as well. However Genetic will not give big influent to factors which cause big stomach.

Alcoholic Drinks
Over drinking to alcoholic drinks can cause fatty piling in stomach.

Eating habits
Having meals on the late night can cause big stomach, because there is no activity to do after eating. Rest of calorie then will be saved as fat by body.

Undeniable, the more added to some one’s age, the less activity they do. It can cause loose muscles and stomach getting bigger.

Natural tips to slim down stomach, thighs and arms are

·         Having your meal slowly. To eat your food quickly can cause the air inside intestine to be held that can create gas and causes big stomach.

·         Reduce fatty foods and eat more rich in fiber foods, such as pear and apple. Food rich with fiber has a function to fluent digestion. Piling of foods in stomach definitely can make stomach getting big.

·         To eat foods with enough carbohydrate and not overeating

·         Reduce to consume salt. Salt can make stomach felt fuller and swollen

·         Avoid soda drinks and drink more fruit juices. Besides its functions as detox, fruit juice also can reduce hungry feeling

·         Do not sleep in the late of night and get enough rest. Sleep at 11 am and wake up at 6 am. On Sleeping time, try to wear loosen clothes that body can breathe better.

·          Having an exercise
This is the most important thing. Because will be useless to do a variety way to slim down stomach without having balance exercise. It doesn’t mean that you must go to fitness center it is enough by having little exercise such as jogging and sit up.

A little trick so that stomach, thighs and arms look slim is to wear loose clothes. Loose clothes will give slim impressive on stomach. Performance absolutely supports activity.  But health is everything. What is the meaning of having slim stomach but suffering disease because of mistaken way and diet. That is why don’t do over diet that can invite disease to reach satisfying results in a way to slim down stomach, thighs and arms easily.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


One research in Germany said that early swim training for baby is really useful for not only their physical development but also concentration’s ability, reflect movement, intelligence, as well as social behavior when they enter kindergarten ages.

Those research also said that early swimming trained kids especially on their first 3 months will not only have potential to be talented kids, but also will be more independent and confident and show higher intellectual intelligence comparing to the same ages kids who are not trained to swim.

In social side, kids who have been trained to swim since early age will be easier to adapt and get along to other kids as well as new environment. Those results are not only caused by physical training from swimming itself, but also  the effect of physical treatment process from the activities, which enables  kids to have  a variety of new experience easily. Those experiences will increase their confident and independent. At the same time, the experience will influence to their behavior to someone else.  The Confidence and The independence will influence to their achieving and intelligence development themselves.

Saturday, November 12, 2011


Who says that pregnant women cannot do swimming? In fact, swimming is one of the best exercise can be done by pregnant mother. The most often reason uttered by pregnant mother to choose swimming is because the exercise can make them feeling lighter. This feeling is absolutely pleasing, mainly for woman with third trimester pregnancy. Not only that, swimming belongs to exercise with little risk of getting hurt to do. Comparing to other exercise, pregnant woman will not feel sweaty.

            As excerpted from Baby Center, following are other advantages of swimming on pregnancy:
·         Fluent blood circulation
·         Raising heart and lung’s functions
·         Raises strength and muscle’s building. Swimming can make uterus and hip’s muscles stronger so that it eases mother give birth
·         Enhancing endurance
·         Reducing swollen on pregnancy
·         Burning calorie
·         Sleeps more soundly
·         to get rid of exhaustion
After knowing its advantages, you are sure undoubtedly to swim on pregnant time. But besides understanding its useful you also need to know about safe tips for swimming on pregnancy.

If mother has been routine doing swimming before gets pregnant, it will not be trouble when it is continued when she has really got pregnant. But If she is seldom or never to swim she better consults doctor or midwife first. She shouldn’t be in a hurry to swim. Start it by warming and cooling down.

 When people have been in water, they usually forget of feeling thirsty. James M. Pivarnik, Ph.D from Michigan State University said that although there is no official recommendation about how much water to drink by pregnant mother when doing exercise, it is better  for her to drink a glass of water before swimming. Drink a glass of water every 20 minutes when doing exercise in order she won’t be dehydrated. Drink again one more glass of water after she gets of swimming pool.

 For you whose pregnancy on first trimester it is suggested to swim only for about thirty minutes every day. Swimming is good to do in the morning to reduce loathsome and vomiting which usually appears in that time. Swimming which is done in the morning also good to enhance energy for mother to do her activities along the day.

while for  mother on second trimester pregnancy, there is no certain limitation on swimming. If there is something needed it will be swimsuit especially for pregnant mother so that she is comfortable to move.

Mother whose pregnancy has been on third trimester, swimming with chest style can be useful. This style makes body to feel lighter though her stomach has been bigger. The style can also fluent blood circulation reducing swollen legs.

Apart from chest style, another style also can be done by pregnant mother are free style and back one. Free style will not make mother to get out excess power on hip and stomach. Breathing regulation which is done when doing the style also can help mother to train breathing for giving birth.

While back style is done well if pregnancy has reached second and third trimester. The style gets mother’s body more relax because she is on laying back position over water surface.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


 Refreshing mind and eliminating stress. Perhaps you are tired, stress with all your jobs that enforce out your body and mind. Getting into water will help you relaxing body and refreshing your mind.

·         Helps tightening loose muscles. The right swimming’s movement will tighten your loose muscles on arms, breast, stomach, thighs and calf will be getting tighter and more elastic body.

·         Slimming body. Overweight women usually use swimming as one of routine therapy to help burning fat, besides swimming. It can be done contrary for thinner woman, swimming can be therapy for gaining weight.

Friday, November 4, 2011


Almost everyone loves swimming. This exercise is loved enough by every people from kids up to adults. Swimming is kind of amazing exercise and activity, which is not only useful for health and body fitness, but also suitable for people who want to relax mind or refreshing. In a hot weather, it functions as best exercise choice that helps you burning calorie while you  refreshing your body. Swimming gives you the best from two sides.  In one side, this activity gives you effect cardiovascular functioning well and in other side it opens a way for you to achieve the benefits of weight lifting training. A variety advantage of swimming for health is really comprehensive, that this kind of exercise never be quiet from its lovers. To know more about the advantages of swimming for health, let’s explain one by one.

Advantages of swimming for health:
·         Swimming is useful to help keeping someone’s cholesterol and blood pressure levels, so it makes sure the health of liver.

·         Swimming is useful for lung’s health and also reducing the risk of diabetes, heart disease and stroke attack.

·         Swimming is useful to raise your bone’s flexibility and giving space to raise step of your physical activity trainings. In other word, it helps a lot on your weight loss program.

·         Swimming is perfect for peoples who have difficulty on doing physical activity based on weight lifting. It happened because your weight in water is about a tenth to your weight in land. For pregnant woman as well as people suffering arthritis and backache, there is no better choice than swimming. Swimming pool condition can minimize the risk of getting hurt from physical activity. So you can easily try to have an enjoyable training and enjoy fitness benefits it offers without worrying the risk.

·         If it is done regularly, swimming helps building up body endurance, muscle strength and cardiovascular as well as someone’s fitness. You can enjoy swimming before and after doing hard exercise activities which are warming and cooling down activities.  Swimming is useful to help someone trains almost all muscles or their body, by focusing mainly on arms and legs.

·         Peoples who suffer wounds, backache, arthritis and disabled, who cannot enjoy normal exercise activity can do swimming.
·         Swimming has been related about eliminating bone aches, high blood pressure and uncomfortable during pregnancy.
·         By doing swimming it helps after operating time patient to adopt the contrary of remain life style, avoiding muscles’athrofi.
·         It is found that swimming has effect for calming down someone’s mind as well as body mainly by regulating breath and stimulating bloodstre

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Slim and beautiful is a dream for every woman. Though it is not easy to do but a lot of woman willing to keep hunger and do exercise for hours. Good diet is not only to do by fasting but also food adjustment based on age and activity. Next are tips guaranteed to make your diet better and healthy as well as slim.

Here are 50 tips for healthy diet and slim:

1.  Avoid thinking all or not at all. Fasting is not the best way for losing body weight. Eat an adequate food and regulate calorie contents wisely.

2.  Cut out fruits you like into a small pieces to substitute an unhealthy snack.

3.  Avoid eating snacks from the jar, you will not be aware   how much you have got into your mouth. Put them on the plate or it is enough to have a handful.

4.  If you belong to person who likes bread, choose the wholegrain one.

5.  Avoid foods contain fat more than 10%. Read nutriment information label inside the food box.

6.  Make a note about foods you have eaten for about 2 weeks. Trust it! You will be surprised.

7.  Butter contains unsaturated fat intake. Avoid or substitute with the low fat one.

8.  Take your drink water bottle wherever you go. So that you will not be dehydrated and there will be
less possibility to choose soda or too much sugar drink.

9.  Try detoxification, to get out toxins inside your body.

10. Snack is good for you from having more lunch or dinner.

11. Look for friend or partner to have diet together. In this way both of you can motivate each other.

12. Find out your behavior which can damage your diet program. If you like snacking bread along the
way to gym, please change your route.

13. Drink a lot of mineral water.

14. Vegetable has low calorie intake, but don’t cook it too long time because the nutrient contents can

15. If you used to eat in a big portion on the weekend, make effort so that low fat and calorie snack
are saved well on the cupboard.

16. Always choose the smallest portion from the existing menu in restaurant.

17. Buy a juicer and start to make your own creating juice. Don’t forget to try vegetable juice, rich
with vitamin and less fructose.

18. Don’t think that salad is always safe to consume. They are usually combined with mayonnaise
and cheese.

19. Brush your teeth if your snacking desire appears. Taste of food get worse after you having your
teeth brushed.

20. Want to eat chocolate?  Please choose the low fat one.

21. Is your food portion getting rise While PMS? Fight it by consuming Almond nuts. They give
much protein and also reduce your snacking desire to eat sweet food.

22. Choose boiled, soupy, steamed or baked foods before you choose the fried one.

23. Choose celery as your faithful diet friend from now.

24. Pay attention about how slim women order their foods. Find out and make their secret to be yours.

25. Use Stick to slow your eating.

26. Avoid snacking when you are bored. Change with another activities you wanted to do but you
didn’t have time.

27. Don’t think you will start your diet after passing your stressing time. Believe that this time will
always exist. On the contrary prepare yourself to face this time and stay focus to your diet.

28. 3 o’clock is favorite snacking time. The best choices to raise energy are banana, nuts, and low fat

29. Try to choose more quality than quantity.

30. Add chilly or hot spices to raise your body metabolism.

31. Add some ice into your drink. Because your body needs energy adapt the drink to your body
temperature, and finally it will burn your fat.

32. Prepare all your own food than fast food. It will be easy for you to control sugar level and calorie used.

33. To beat your hunger while you are cooking, start by eating a big portion of salad.

34.  When you read an article which is suitable to your diet, cut out and attach it on your refrigerator.

35. Get enough sleep, longer fatigue will cause you achieving high calorie foods.

36. Soy Bean Milk is better alternative to consume low fat milk.

37. Reduce your salt.

38. Attach photo on your refrigerator to motivate yourself.

39. Go Green! Choose green vegetable or green tea that will give contribution to your health.

40. Choose the diet one if only you are compulsory to drink soda.

41. For burning fat maximally you have to consume beans.

42. It is easy to make an appointment in a restaurant or café, but choose place that will not attract you
to eat. For an example: Doing exercise and making a handicraft.

43.  Choose staircase instead of lift or escalator.

44. Count your budget for foods or snacks. You can allocate the budget for other need.

45. Banana is the best food before you start to exercise. Banana is filled with potassium which helps muscles and water level inside your body.

46. Don’t do another thing while eating. If you are eating while you are reading or watching TV, You will soon associate both activities. You will soon eat as the TV is on.

47. Make sure that you get enough sunshine. Vitamin D helps you to get more calcium for accelerating your metabolism process.

48. Try herbal tea in turn and choose your favorite. And trust, it will be the best investment for your health.

49. Bite your food slowly.

50. Drink a glass of water together with lemon extract to help raising your metabolism.