Friday, November 18, 2011


Way to slim down stomach as well as thighs and arms quickly, easy and effective need to be aware, because it is afraid of, that it can disturb body health. Way to slim down stomach must be done carefully. If you are wrong on choosing way it is going to be dangerous for your body health.  For example, way to slim down big stomach using diet, if we do not know how to do good diet, you are going to get sick.  Try to learn some safe tips and natural how to slim down stomach, thighs, and arms.

The cause of big stomach, before get into naturally tips to slim down stomach, it is better to know first about things to cause big stomach. The goal is when you have succeeded to slim down stomach, thighs and arms, you can avoid things which can make getting big again. Following are some things can make big stomach

If parents have big stomach the children will be potentially to have big stomach as well. However Genetic will not give big influent to factors which cause big stomach.

Alcoholic Drinks
Over drinking to alcoholic drinks can cause fatty piling in stomach.

Eating habits
Having meals on the late night can cause big stomach, because there is no activity to do after eating. Rest of calorie then will be saved as fat by body.

Undeniable, the more added to some one’s age, the less activity they do. It can cause loose muscles and stomach getting bigger.

Natural tips to slim down stomach, thighs and arms are

·         Having your meal slowly. To eat your food quickly can cause the air inside intestine to be held that can create gas and causes big stomach.

·         Reduce fatty foods and eat more rich in fiber foods, such as pear and apple. Food rich with fiber has a function to fluent digestion. Piling of foods in stomach definitely can make stomach getting big.

·         To eat foods with enough carbohydrate and not overeating

·         Reduce to consume salt. Salt can make stomach felt fuller and swollen

·         Avoid soda drinks and drink more fruit juices. Besides its functions as detox, fruit juice also can reduce hungry feeling

·         Do not sleep in the late of night and get enough rest. Sleep at 11 am and wake up at 6 am. On Sleeping time, try to wear loosen clothes that body can breathe better.

·          Having an exercise
This is the most important thing. Because will be useless to do a variety way to slim down stomach without having balance exercise. It doesn’t mean that you must go to fitness center it is enough by having little exercise such as jogging and sit up.

A little trick so that stomach, thighs and arms look slim is to wear loose clothes. Loose clothes will give slim impressive on stomach. Performance absolutely supports activity.  But health is everything. What is the meaning of having slim stomach but suffering disease because of mistaken way and diet. That is why don’t do over diet that can invite disease to reach satisfying results in a way to slim down stomach, thighs and arms easily.


  1. Was this written by a child the grammar is absolutely terrible!

  2. Was this written by a child the grammar is absolutely terrible!