Wednesday, November 16, 2011


One research in Germany said that early swim training for baby is really useful for not only their physical development but also concentration’s ability, reflect movement, intelligence, as well as social behavior when they enter kindergarten ages.

Those research also said that early swimming trained kids especially on their first 3 months will not only have potential to be talented kids, but also will be more independent and confident and show higher intellectual intelligence comparing to the same ages kids who are not trained to swim.

In social side, kids who have been trained to swim since early age will be easier to adapt and get along to other kids as well as new environment. Those results are not only caused by physical training from swimming itself, but also  the effect of physical treatment process from the activities, which enables  kids to have  a variety of new experience easily. Those experiences will increase their confident and independent. At the same time, the experience will influence to their behavior to someone else.  The Confidence and The independence will influence to their achieving and intelligence development themselves.

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