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Who says that pregnant women cannot do swimming? In fact, swimming is one of the best exercise can be done by pregnant mother. The most often reason uttered by pregnant mother to choose swimming is because the exercise can make them feeling lighter. This feeling is absolutely pleasing, mainly for woman with third trimester pregnancy. Not only that, swimming belongs to exercise with little risk of getting hurt to do. Comparing to other exercise, pregnant woman will not feel sweaty.

            As excerpted from Baby Center, following are other advantages of swimming on pregnancy:
·         Fluent blood circulation
·         Raising heart and lung’s functions
·         Raises strength and muscle’s building. Swimming can make uterus and hip’s muscles stronger so that it eases mother give birth
·         Enhancing endurance
·         Reducing swollen on pregnancy
·         Burning calorie
·         Sleeps more soundly
·         to get rid of exhaustion
After knowing its advantages, you are sure undoubtedly to swim on pregnant time. But besides understanding its useful you also need to know about safe tips for swimming on pregnancy.

If mother has been routine doing swimming before gets pregnant, it will not be trouble when it is continued when she has really got pregnant. But If she is seldom or never to swim she better consults doctor or midwife first. She shouldn’t be in a hurry to swim. Start it by warming and cooling down.

 When people have been in water, they usually forget of feeling thirsty. James M. Pivarnik, Ph.D from Michigan State University said that although there is no official recommendation about how much water to drink by pregnant mother when doing exercise, it is better  for her to drink a glass of water before swimming. Drink a glass of water every 20 minutes when doing exercise in order she won’t be dehydrated. Drink again one more glass of water after she gets of swimming pool.

 For you whose pregnancy on first trimester it is suggested to swim only for about thirty minutes every day. Swimming is good to do in the morning to reduce loathsome and vomiting which usually appears in that time. Swimming which is done in the morning also good to enhance energy for mother to do her activities along the day.

while for  mother on second trimester pregnancy, there is no certain limitation on swimming. If there is something needed it will be swimsuit especially for pregnant mother so that she is comfortable to move.

Mother whose pregnancy has been on third trimester, swimming with chest style can be useful. This style makes body to feel lighter though her stomach has been bigger. The style can also fluent blood circulation reducing swollen legs.

Apart from chest style, another style also can be done by pregnant mother are free style and back one. Free style will not make mother to get out excess power on hip and stomach. Breathing regulation which is done when doing the style also can help mother to train breathing for giving birth.

While back style is done well if pregnancy has reached second and third trimester. The style gets mother’s body more relax because she is on laying back position over water surface.

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