Monday, November 21, 2011


How to slim down big stomach? Are there tips to slim down stomach naturally? To have big stomach is definitely not something to proud. Beside it looks not good, this condition can damage performance.  Over piling of fat in part of stomach in fact can barrier for liver functions as toxins filterer in blood.

With this condition can make body circulation system doesn’t run normally and can be triger of appearing of a variety of health problems, such as high cholesterol level and high blood pressure.

Most part of stomach is swollen or big caused by basic factors such as diet and life style. Here are ways to eliminate big stomach on men as well as women. Check it out, please.

The best exercise to slim down stomach and thighs is stepping. Raise up both leg ( don’t walk on tiptoes) over staircase or wooden seat  about 20-30 cm in height, then put down both of your leg as far as 20-30 cm (don’t walk in tiptoes) from edge of the staircase. Do it as many as 50 times or 5 minutes then take a rest and do it again.

Added gymnastic are sit up and do stretching after and before doing exercise. Sit up is for tightening stomach not for making it small. So it could be stomach remains big but it is tight to hold. Following are ways to slim down big stomach.

1.      Drink of fresh water
If stomach is full because of water storage, in fact you can reduce the problem by drinking more water. It will melt sodium concentration inside body to increase water level to get out of system. Drink more water also guarantee the function of gall is effective to get out litter product.  Don’t change water consumption on diet because There are many of difficult things to digest and can cause stomach swollen.
2.      Eat slowly
Avoid eating quickly, because when you swallow too fast, at least air will be held inside intestine and forming gas that trigger stomach swollen. Always on sit position when you are eating and chew foods slowly. Foods which are not chewed into small pieces cannot be digested perfectly which later will produce a lot of gas to cause swelling.
3.      Reduce consuming salt
Too much salt on your diet adding extra sodium against body liquid which slower mechanism so it pushes water out of cells. The effect is stomach feels full and swells.
4.      Consume right fiber
Fiber is important element on diet to balance water storage that causes swelling. Eat fiber inside fruits such as apple and pear which have a lot of water intake.
5.      Supervise medication
Swollen stomach is side effect of drug consumption. Aspirin sometimes causes stomach problem that triggers constipation and swelling, included contraception pills.
6.      Avoid constipation
Constipation is meant to have less than 3 times BAB in a week or if it involved strain. As the effect, stomach felt getting bigger. To stimulate stomach content, raise fiber consumption from fruit and vegetable. Do it gradually to avoid fermentation and over producing gas.
7.      Exercise
Exercise will help to move liquid in stomach which is able to cause big stomach by pushing it out of body web and get into bloodstream where it will be gotten out as sweaty or taken to gall to get out as urine. Exercise recommended is an aerobic.

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