Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Slim and beautiful is a dream for every woman. Though it is not easy to do but a lot of woman willing to keep hunger and do exercise for hours. Good diet is not only to do by fasting but also food adjustment based on age and activity. Next are tips guaranteed to make your diet better and healthy as well as slim.

Here are 50 tips for healthy diet and slim:

1.  Avoid thinking all or not at all. Fasting is not the best way for losing body weight. Eat an adequate food and regulate calorie contents wisely.

2.  Cut out fruits you like into a small pieces to substitute an unhealthy snack.

3.  Avoid eating snacks from the jar, you will not be aware   how much you have got into your mouth. Put them on the plate or it is enough to have a handful.

4.  If you belong to person who likes bread, choose the wholegrain one.

5.  Avoid foods contain fat more than 10%. Read nutriment information label inside the food box.

6.  Make a note about foods you have eaten for about 2 weeks. Trust it! You will be surprised.

7.  Butter contains unsaturated fat intake. Avoid or substitute with the low fat one.

8.  Take your drink water bottle wherever you go. So that you will not be dehydrated and there will be
less possibility to choose soda or too much sugar drink.

9.  Try detoxification, to get out toxins inside your body.

10. Snack is good for you from having more lunch or dinner.

11. Look for friend or partner to have diet together. In this way both of you can motivate each other.

12. Find out your behavior which can damage your diet program. If you like snacking bread along the
way to gym, please change your route.

13. Drink a lot of mineral water.

14. Vegetable has low calorie intake, but don’t cook it too long time because the nutrient contents can

15. If you used to eat in a big portion on the weekend, make effort so that low fat and calorie snack
are saved well on the cupboard.

16. Always choose the smallest portion from the existing menu in restaurant.

17. Buy a juicer and start to make your own creating juice. Don’t forget to try vegetable juice, rich
with vitamin and less fructose.

18. Don’t think that salad is always safe to consume. They are usually combined with mayonnaise
and cheese.

19. Brush your teeth if your snacking desire appears. Taste of food get worse after you having your
teeth brushed.

20. Want to eat chocolate?  Please choose the low fat one.

21. Is your food portion getting rise While PMS? Fight it by consuming Almond nuts. They give
much protein and also reduce your snacking desire to eat sweet food.

22. Choose boiled, soupy, steamed or baked foods before you choose the fried one.

23. Choose celery as your faithful diet friend from now.

24. Pay attention about how slim women order their foods. Find out and make their secret to be yours.

25. Use Stick to slow your eating.

26. Avoid snacking when you are bored. Change with another activities you wanted to do but you
didn’t have time.

27. Don’t think you will start your diet after passing your stressing time. Believe that this time will
always exist. On the contrary prepare yourself to face this time and stay focus to your diet.

28. 3 o’clock is favorite snacking time. The best choices to raise energy are banana, nuts, and low fat

29. Try to choose more quality than quantity.

30. Add chilly or hot spices to raise your body metabolism.

31. Add some ice into your drink. Because your body needs energy adapt the drink to your body
temperature, and finally it will burn your fat.

32. Prepare all your own food than fast food. It will be easy for you to control sugar level and calorie used.

33. To beat your hunger while you are cooking, start by eating a big portion of salad.

34.  When you read an article which is suitable to your diet, cut out and attach it on your refrigerator.

35. Get enough sleep, longer fatigue will cause you achieving high calorie foods.

36. Soy Bean Milk is better alternative to consume low fat milk.

37. Reduce your salt.

38. Attach photo on your refrigerator to motivate yourself.

39. Go Green! Choose green vegetable or green tea that will give contribution to your health.

40. Choose the diet one if only you are compulsory to drink soda.

41. For burning fat maximally you have to consume beans.

42. It is easy to make an appointment in a restaurant or café, but choose place that will not attract you
to eat. For an example: Doing exercise and making a handicraft.

43.  Choose staircase instead of lift or escalator.

44. Count your budget for foods or snacks. You can allocate the budget for other need.

45. Banana is the best food before you start to exercise. Banana is filled with potassium which helps muscles and water level inside your body.

46. Don’t do another thing while eating. If you are eating while you are reading or watching TV, You will soon associate both activities. You will soon eat as the TV is on.

47. Make sure that you get enough sunshine. Vitamin D helps you to get more calcium for accelerating your metabolism process.

48. Try herbal tea in turn and choose your favorite. And trust, it will be the best investment for your health.

49. Bite your food slowly.

50. Drink a glass of water together with lemon extract to help raising your metabolism.

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