Friday, November 4, 2011


Almost everyone loves swimming. This exercise is loved enough by every people from kids up to adults. Swimming is kind of amazing exercise and activity, which is not only useful for health and body fitness, but also suitable for people who want to relax mind or refreshing. In a hot weather, it functions as best exercise choice that helps you burning calorie while you  refreshing your body. Swimming gives you the best from two sides.  In one side, this activity gives you effect cardiovascular functioning well and in other side it opens a way for you to achieve the benefits of weight lifting training. A variety advantage of swimming for health is really comprehensive, that this kind of exercise never be quiet from its lovers. To know more about the advantages of swimming for health, let’s explain one by one.

Advantages of swimming for health:
·         Swimming is useful to help keeping someone’s cholesterol and blood pressure levels, so it makes sure the health of liver.

·         Swimming is useful for lung’s health and also reducing the risk of diabetes, heart disease and stroke attack.

·         Swimming is useful to raise your bone’s flexibility and giving space to raise step of your physical activity trainings. In other word, it helps a lot on your weight loss program.

·         Swimming is perfect for peoples who have difficulty on doing physical activity based on weight lifting. It happened because your weight in water is about a tenth to your weight in land. For pregnant woman as well as people suffering arthritis and backache, there is no better choice than swimming. Swimming pool condition can minimize the risk of getting hurt from physical activity. So you can easily try to have an enjoyable training and enjoy fitness benefits it offers without worrying the risk.

·         If it is done regularly, swimming helps building up body endurance, muscle strength and cardiovascular as well as someone’s fitness. You can enjoy swimming before and after doing hard exercise activities which are warming and cooling down activities.  Swimming is useful to help someone trains almost all muscles or their body, by focusing mainly on arms and legs.

·         Peoples who suffer wounds, backache, arthritis and disabled, who cannot enjoy normal exercise activity can do swimming.
·         Swimming has been related about eliminating bone aches, high blood pressure and uncomfortable during pregnancy.
·         By doing swimming it helps after operating time patient to adopt the contrary of remain life style, avoiding muscles’athrofi.
·         It is found that swimming has effect for calming down someone’s mind as well as body mainly by regulating breath and stimulating bloodstre

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