Tuesday, November 29, 2011


There are lots of people having problem with obesity. Like or dislike overweight person will always be unpleasant to look at. This problem makes a lot of people having desire to lose weight.
Who is unhappy and not to be proud to have healthy and slim body? Though for some people physic is not everything. Today there are many ways to lose weight quickly.
There are people using natural ingredients, using drugs and doing diet to lose weight too hardly and even causes disease to the user itself.
Following are quick way on losing weight naturally
1.      Drink fresh water
Simple way is by drinking minimally 2 liters of fresh water per day. Because fresh water can help metabolism process by changing foods into energy needed. In this case fresh water also has role as a fuel to support reaction of body metabolism. So if you don’t drink fresh water you cannot burn calorie.
2.      Exercise
Exercise has absolutely been a general secret as the most trustable way to lose weight. Do exercise gradually to keep body stays healthy.
3.      Foods
From many research about foods that can help losing weight, experts have said that there are many foods proved as useful food for losing weight. Those foods are wine, can fish, pumpkin, consuming cow meat and drinking green tea.
4.      Do not consume alcohol
One way to reduce consuming unwanted calorie is to reduce drinking alcohol. A part of people desires to drink alcohol because of perception resulted by alcohol on form of feeling and relaxation effect. But unknown thing is drinking alcohol can be caused by hunger and thirsty. To defend from thirsty and from going to a bar and restaurant when feeling hungry can pressure amount of alcohol you consume.
5.      Get used to have breakfast
Breakfast is sure often not trusted as away to lose weight, but in fact breakfast also useful to lose weight. if you have breakfast in the morning you can reduce consuming your lunch. It is enough for having banana, yogurt, cereal, bread and etcetera because snacks contain a lot of fiber and protein will give you to feel fuller until time for lunch.
·         If you like to drink tea, it is better to drink green tea every day where it can help burning about more than 70 calorie in a day.
·         If you like to drink milk, you shouldn’t choose full cream. Please consume low fat milk one.

6.      Eating slowly
Put fork and spoon when you are chewing. Drink mineral water every time you finish chewing and chew food for many times before swallowing.
7.      Use small plates
A habit in our country is to eat out all food served on the plate. No matter how much amount of calorie it contains and how big size of the plate is. To trick it, use smaller size of plate. You will feel fuller by eating less.
8.      Limit carbohydrate
Food with high protein such as fish is the best option for dinner to control weight. This because protein makes you be fuller longer. If you want to consume carbohydrate, avoid the simple one because it tends more to be saved as fat than to be used as energy.

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