Thursday, December 22, 2011


Every woman must be dreaming of kind, faithful and honest man, but are these enough to make woman wonders and falling in love for good?

Here are characteristic of men adored by women this time:
·         Optimistic
Generally everybody will like more to optimistic person than the pessimistic one. This value is also adopted on searching for spouse. No wonders if optimistic men who have their own plan for future and do not like to say negative words will have special value on women eyes.
·         Decent
Women are well known creatures with their gentleness. Though there are women look so masculine outer, but the fact women are glad to treat decently. Women will put more sympathy to the men who say greeting just like” Good Night” or “I am leaving”. Men who end a conversation without farewell words tend to be not too impressive in her heart.
·         Acting more than Talking
Long ago, if women loved to hear flattery words, now those fists will never be accepted if men don’t keep his promise. Acting will say more obviously than only saying words. For instance, if your girl is obviously cold, you’re better to be right away taking your jacket and lend it for her, than only asking ”Are you cold?”. Trust, it will be more working for conquering women’s heart.
·         Love family and kids
Men who love kids and not regard them as a disturber is a sign he is ready to hold a family and women will be safer next to him, even if he is closed to her family. This is also a sign that he is a patient, familiar man and don’t like to be angry.
·         Having finance free from debt.
Dinner offering, amazing presents are really attractive to women, but if it is gained from having debt, on the contrary it is going to be a problem for the guy itself. How come a man can be a good chief of household if he is still having debt?
·         Take care of himself
Women love men with good smelling body odor. They even pay attention if their nails are black because of dirt and never been cleaned, their hair are well arranged or untidy. He does keep on his health or eating carelessly that he is getting obese. Well treating performance added with warm smile will make those guys to bring a title as charming guys.
·         Working hard
Not every man is born in the middle of rich family, but man who is willing to make effort and works hard will make the woman enchanted. A man has to be able to make money to grant of his own life and his spouse as well later, not only counting on his parents’ wealth which will never run out till the seventh heritage of their grandchildren.
·         Having broaden knowledge
Sometimes woman loves to ask about how something happened. A man who has smart aura and broaden knowledge absolutely will be spread out from how he talks and how he acts. Definitely it must be balanced with a respecting, because woman doesn’t like a man who pretends to know about everything.
·         Good listener
A woman loves to tell something. If a man shows a busy attitude either by his mobile phone or being busy in front of computer while listening to her, it will her to feel annoyed and feels doesn’t get any attention. Women love to get all out attention from men they love.
·         Honest / Telling The truth
The first way to be adored men looks unimportant, but it is often not to be done by men generally. Remember that women’s feeling own higher sensitive power than men’s. So keep trying to be open and talk the truth.
·         Confidence
Second characteristic of adored men is by being confident, you will be easy to have yourself together to your woman.
·         Stay cool
The third criteria to be adored men are usually done by honest and taciturn men, try to stay cool and calm when you are together with a woman. Because woman loves man who can keep his power than a man who gives a flattering words.
·         Sell yourself expensive
The fourth criteria of adored men is that don’t too often give statement or flattering poem 
to women, you will be regarded as a playboy, experience on flattering women. So keep your attitude to stay natural.
·         Humorous
This kind characteristic of adored men which is most liked by mostly women. By being humorous situation becomes not boring and your woman can feel entertained and comfortable to be with you, from this she will be longing for you if she is away from you.
·         Smart to steal women’s heart and feeling
The last tip for being adored men is you must be clever to steal a woman’s heart. For example, you sing a love song while playing piano or guitar on her special day.

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