Saturday, December 17, 2011


Fresh water is really useful for health. Water intake recommended is minimally 8 glasses or 2 liters every day. If the water intake is enough, it will make the distribution of nutrition to the whole body to be fluent so that all body’s cell can repair themselves to do regeneration with those nutrition. Drinking fresh water as recommended also will lighten the work of kidney and liver so it can help us to avoid of liver and kidney disease.

By drinking fresh water we can make sure of getting rid the rest of digestion. If it is not soon to get out, it will cause disease. By having it gotten out it will help us to be avoided from diseases such as mag and constipation.
If body is laacking of fresh water, the effect will be seen on our skin. Skin will be dried, dull, and wrinkle. Water help keeping skin cells to stay elastic. So you look to stay young and beauty naturally. For people who are on diet, drinking fresh water is something they don’t have to forget. By drinking a glass of warm water before eating, it will help us to feel fuller, so it will reduce our appetite and reducing our meals portion. Drinking fresh water will not get you obese, because water doesn’t contain calorie, sugar, fat. Beside that water helps to analyze fat which is saved inside body.

Apart of benefits drinking fresh water above, fresh water also can help raising fertility, either for women or men. Fresh water is useful on stimulating the production of testosterone hormone for men and estrogen hormone for women.

Fresh water in hot condition is effective for healing paralyze because of stroke attack. Because fresh water can help for strengthening back of muscles and ligaments, and to fluent blood circulation system and breathing system as well. Hot effect causes blood vessels to get wider, to raise blood circulation and tissues oxygenation. So it prevents us from having cramp, to eliminate painful and to calm down our mind.

After knowing the benefits of fresh water for body health, wishes that we start a healthy life by often consuming fresh water.

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