Saturday, December 10, 2011


Every human being needs time to sleep about a third of its lifetime or it is about 6-8 hours a day. Naturally and automatically if our body is tired we will feel sleepy so it compels our body to get rest physically or mentally.

According to a research, people with 6,5 up to 7,5 hours a day will have longer life than those who take time less than 6,5 hour or more than 8 hours a day.

Insomnia can be meant as a condition where a person having difficult to sleep or cannot sleep soundly. Averagely everyone has undergone insomnia once in their life. Even there is an extreme condition that said 30 -50 % of populations underwent insomnia.

Insomnia can attack all group of age. However, number of insomnia happening will rise as age’s increasing up. This thing perhaps caused by stress which often settles on older people. Besides that, women is said to be often to undergo insomnia comparing to men.

·         Avoid overeating and overdrinking by bedtime. Overeating will cause stomach getting uncomfortable, while overdrinking will get you to urinate more often. it is sure those both conditions will disturb your soundly sleep.
·         Sleeps in comfortable environment. On bedtime, turn off the lamp, turn off things which cause noisy, makes sure that you feel comfortable to room’s temperature. Put away table clock from your sight because it can make you worry when you cannot sleep in the late night.
·         Use special bed for you to sleep. It will help your body to adapt with sleeping room’s environment. When you lay on bed, there will be stimulation to sleep.
·         Get sleep and get up on regular period of time every day. Confusion sleeping time will confuse your next sleeping time.
·         Eat snack contains little carbohydrate by bedtime, if it is available, add with a glass of warm milk.
·         Reduce consuming drinks which is stimulant such as tea, coffee, alcohol and cigarette. These drinks will keep you waking up, definitely you don’t need if you want to sleep.
·         Bathing with warm water for about 30 minutes or one hour before sleeping. Taking a bath with warm water will give you sedation effect or stimulating to sleep. Besides that, having a bath with warm water can reduce body’s strain.
·         Doing exercise regularly can help people who have sleeping problem. Exercise is better to do in the morning and not several minutes before sleeping. By having exercise, your health will be optimally so that body will fight stress which appears much better.
·         Do relaxation activity routine. Listening to music, to train breathing, meditation, and etcetera will help to slow process that happen inside body so that your body will be more relax. This condition will ease you to get sleep.
·         Stop watching TV or reading a book, at least one hour before sleep.

Those are several tips to overcome your sleeping problem. Always remember that sleeping is basic need of body for growth and repair abnormal organ‘s function. By having enough sleeping time, we will feel so fit when you wake up and be ready to do a variety of activities the whole day from morning until evening.
Normally, human being sleep from night up to morning, but it isn’t scarcely that there is people that can sleep from daylight up to night because of job’s summons or because they are used to it.
Insomnia is not genetic disease so it is absolutely easy to heal.

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